• Buttery soft, comfortable, and breathable polyester fabric
  • One size fits most (Adult Size: 7”x5”)
  • Drawstring design conforms beautifully to wearer’s face
  • Ultra-thin 1/8” elastic ear loops feel nonexistent and are fully adjustable
  • Double layered with a filter pocket (filter not included)
  • Filter pocket discreetly hidden on the top side of the mask
  • All locally sourced materials
  • Fully handmade and unique mask design by us in the USA – 100% sweatshop free!
  • Adjustable ear loops: Cord stoppers are included in the package with instructions for attach to the elastic ear loops. These will allow you to shorten the elastic if it is too long.


Hand wash cold. Squeeze excess water. Lay flat to dry. If you prefer to machine wash please use a mesh laundry bag. Wash and dry in cold. 

International Women's Day Face Mask